Based in Austin, Texas, we provide premium photographic services for clients in North America.

Who we are:

Applebox Imaging is the creation of photographer and imaging expert Rachel Kay. Rachel is passionate about quality and obsesses over the details. She is motivated by the clients she works with and believes work should be fun and serious. Applebox imaging is a small team of creative professionals specializing in commercial photography and video.

What we do:

Want to get noticed? That's where we come in! Our mission is to help get you noticed quickly. With enthusiasm, Rachel and her team create images to enhance your brand or inspire and focus your re-branding. We provide a variety of photographic services so the final product we deliver to you is polished and completed to your satisfaction. Let’s play!

Why we do it: 

We are excited by our clients’ work and eager to capture it with vibrance, clarity, and detail. Our goal is to make your designs and products stand out from the competition, and to do so with exceptional quality and professionalism. Our specialty? Architectural and product photography! 


Photographic Services and Portfolios

Residential Architecture 


We work with a range of residential clients including architects, developers, builders, interior designers, and landscapers.

Food & Beverage


We provide food photography for product packaging, recipes and cookbooks. 



We offer a full range of images for our restaurants including interiors & exteriors, food & beverage, and staff headshots. 

Product in Studio


We provide catalog-style photography along with more complex and conceptual imagery for ads. 

Commercial Architecture

We provide photography for businesses who want to pair their existing web presence with appealing visuals of their storefront or office.

Product on Location

We capture products small or large on-location, in a warehouse, or in use.             

Hospitality & Resorts


We offer a full range of photography to highlight the combination of amenities each hotel offers.                         



We provide headshots on-location or in-studio for all your corporate and social media needs.